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Terms and Conditions

The full terms and conditions for Bakezilla’s Bespoke Cakes are detailed below. By booking in your cake with a date securing fee, you’re accepting these terms and understand they will be applied to your order.


Date Securing Fees

No orders are booked and secured into the diary until a date securing fee has been received. 
No cake will be released until the outstanding balance is paid in full.

All date securing fees are non-refundable & Non-Transferable.

Date securing fees can be paid via Bank Transfer, Card or Cash can be brought to our premises, or card payment over the phone.

If for any reason where Bakezilla’s Bespoke Cakes are unable fulfil your order (ie Ill health), your date securing fee will be refunded in full.

Wedding cake orders.

Date securing fees for wedding cakes up to £800 is £100. 

For wedding cakes over £800 the fee due is £250. 

The outstanding balance is due one week before the event. 

Any monies paid before the outstanding balance due date will become non-refundable if you were to cancel at a later date. 

Celebration cakes

A date securing fee of £20 will be required to reserve the cake order.

The cake design doesn’t need to be finalised until one week before the due date. The outstanding balance will be required on collection or if delivery is required the balance must be paid on or before delivery.



Quotes and Payments

All cakes are priced on your exact design and size of your cake. Price matching is not available, as our prices are based on the highest standard of unique skilled work and the top quality fresh ingredients used. Quotes will stand for 30 days, after 30 days, you will need to request a new quote if not secured with a date securing fee. 


​Cancellations and Refunds

If you, the customer, wish to cancel your cake, for any reason, any monies already paid are non-refundable. 

A payment may still be required for any and all expenses already incurred on behalf of the finished product. 

If you are cancelling within one month of your wedding date, you will still be billed for the outstanding balance owed to Bakezilla’s Bespoke Cakes. 

Date securing fees are non-transferable and non-refundable. 


If for any reason where Bakezilla’s Bespoke Cakes are unable fulfill your order and have to cancel your order (ie Ill health), your payments will be refunded in full with as much notice as possible. Bakezilla’s Bespoke Cakes will endeavour to find alternative cake makers which can help to fulfil your cake for your required date. 

We shall not be liable for any failure to perform where such failure results from any circumstances outside our control, including but not limited to; flood, adverse weather conditions, fire, accident, explosion, riots, strikes, government acts, terrorism, obstruction of any public or private highway.


Please refer to your wedding insurance regarding costs lost due to customer cancellations. 


Postponing and Rearranging 

If you wish to postpone your wedding or event, as date securing fees are non-refundable and non-transferable, your order will be considered cancelled and subject to the above cancellation terms. The new date will require a new quotation and new date securing fee.

However, any additional monies paid on the original order will be carried over to the new order. 



For any orders effected by covid-19, the above postponement terms will be waived and the non-transferable date saving fee will become transferable, an unlimited amount of times until you are able to legally go ahead. Please ensure you check your new date is available with myself before confirming your new date. If you fail to confirm my availability for your new date, and I am unavailable, all costs already paid will be non-refundable.

If I am not available for your date upon checking, I will refund in full and endeavour to find alternative cake makers for you. 


Cake Design and Changes

Wedding cakes

All wedding cake designs have to be finalised at-least two weeks before the event. Any changes after this day may incur extra costs. Any special requirements must be notified at the time of booking the cake as to ensure all requirements can be met. Bakezilla’s Bespoke Cakes reserves the right to amend the design of the cake to suit each cake individually. Please note a reduction in costs is only allowed up to a maximum of 10%. 

Celebration cakes.

All celebration cake designs must be finalised one week before the cake is due for collection or delivery.

Any changes after this period may incur extra costs.

Bakezilla’s Bespoke Cakes reserves the right to amend the design of the cake to suit each cake individually. Please note a reduction in costs is only allowed up to a maximum of 10%. 


If you are collecting your cake order, the cake must be collected at the agreed date and time. This time is flexible upon discussion however no changes can be made 24 hours prior to collection except for extraordinary circumstances.

Once the cake has been collected, responsibility of the cake is passed to the person collecting.

Bakezilla’s Bespoke Cakes will not be held responsible for any damages in transit once collected.

Bakezilla’s Bespoke Cakes reserve the right to change a cake collection date and time if required. 



Delivery is charged on a mileage + time basis. If delivery is chosen, it is our intention that your cake will be delivered in perfect condition, prior to your event. However, we cannot be held liable for any delays, such as traffic conditions that are out of our control. In the event of late delivery, the maximum compensation will be a refund on the delivery price. We cannot be held liable for any damage that is rendered to the cake at the venue after we have left the premises. Therefore, we ask that you have somebody responsible check the cake before we leave. Also, please ensure the table, stand etc. where the cake will be placed is stable as we cannot be held responsible for any accidents or breakages.

Cake deliveries must be agreed one month prior to the event.

Any changes in venue or date and time may incur additional charges.


Wedding Insurance

Bakezilla’s Bespoke Cakes highly recommends your wedding cake is covered by wedding insurance.


Allergies and Special Diets

Please be aware that your cake may not include Gluten/Egg/Alcohol/Nuts etc., but they are still used on our premises therefore they still may contain traces of such ingredients. Please make us aware of any dietary requirements upon booking. 


Please remember cakes and their decorations are extremely delicate and fragile. We cannot accept any responsibility for any damage that is done after it has left our possession. If any repair is required, you can request a repair, which will be priced accordingly, including travel costs if needed.

Transporting Your Cake

As cakes are very delicate and fragile, we recommend if transporting by car, that the cake should be placed on a flat surface, to prevent the cake sliding off its board. NEVER put a cake on a seat as this can be extremely unsafe and result in the cake sliding off onto the floor, if you needed to brake suddenly. The front passenger footwell or a flat car boot is the safest place.


Fondant finished Cakes must NOT be refrigerated. Buttercream finished cakes can be refrigerated for a small amount of time in high heat, however, try to limit its time in the fridge.  This can accelerate the staling of the flour and effect the icing condition, and will alter the taste. Keep in a dry cool room is the cake box and eat within 10 days. Cakes can be frozen and kept up to 3 months.

Non-Edible Items

Most cakes include and contain small inedible items. It is your responsibility to remove these prior to cutting and serving your cake. These items include, support dowels, ribbons, diamante mesh bands, wires, flower picks and flower tape plus more. You will be notified of each inedible items on your cake on delivery/collection.


Cake Stands

Cake stands are available to hire from Bakezilla's Bespoke Cakes. A cash deposit is required on all stands and hired items. The amount of cash deposits vary for each item. These will be discussed on consultation. There will also be a hiring fee for each item.  Hired items must be returned in immaculate condition to Bakezilla’s Bespoke Cakes within 5 days to receive your cash deposit refunded. 

Failure to return items in 5 days and/or in immaculate condition will result in us retaining your deposit. 

Please do not leave stands at venues unless organised prior with Bakezilla’s Bespoke Cakes. 


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